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About Somfy

     With 40 years of experience, Somfy is the world leader in automatic controls of openings and closures for homes and commercial buildings.

Somfy’s activities are divided into six fields of applications:

  • Residential closures: rolling shutters
  • External solar protection: awnings, external blinds, ...
  • Internal window coverage & decoration: interior blinds, curtains, solar screens, ...
  • Commercial building solutions: automatic control of all openings and closures
  • Residential access: gates and garage doors
  • Commercial access: commercial grills


Somfy Experts: The specialists of the motorization and automation of the home openings

     Somfy Experts are independent installers that have been selected and trained by Somfy. They are Home Motion specialists. To design, carry out and see your project through to a successful completion, a Quality contract gives proof of the Somfy Expert commitment: 


- a team of specialists

- local service

- a project study and personalized advice

- accurate deadlines

- a detailed, free estimate with no obligation to purchase

- a perfectly safe installation

- systematic commissioning and explanations

- an extended guarantee offer

- an efficient after-sales service

- quality assurance from a recognized international specialist in home automation


    As a certified Somfy Expert, Profal Husseini s.a.r.l has an in-depth knowledge of Somfy products and has a close relationship with Somfy with a direct access to Somfy’s latest innovations. Somfy and the Expert have the same aim: your 100% satisfaction.