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 About Solisysteme


     Established in 1998 we design, manufacture and install our opening patio cover, since then.
We consistently strive to innovate and improve upon the design of this patented product to provide the user with easy installation and durability.

·       We were at BATIMAT international building exhibition 03’ 05’ 07’ 09’ 11' and at the exhibition for new trends in openings and metal fittings EQUIP’BAIE 04’ 06’ 08’ 10’ in Paris.

·       We will be at the international trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems R+T in Stuttgart in 2011.

     To shelter differently The Solisysteme louvered pergola (opening patio covers) is a sunscreen system that associates shade, light and which protects against the rain.


     This system is made out of louvers which are rotated by a mobile gutter which allows managing brightness just like a Venetian shutter.

     The interlocking louvres, combined to the mobile gutter, collect rainwater and drain it off to the end of the module. When all the louvers are closed, the module is fully rain proof.

     However, this system is not made to create a closed, hermetic and insulated room but a great outdoor space that opens up to the sky and to one's backyard.




      Solisysteme is made for a year-round use. During summer it works like a heat shield and in winter according to the slope you chose, you will optimize natural light.

·       Controlling shade and light : The directional louvers (with a maximum opening of 160°) protect from sunlight keeping a luminous space.

·       Natural ventilation : Slightly opened, the louvers provide air flow and prevent the greenhouse effect. They work just like a natural air conditioning.

·       Managing rainwater : When louvers are closed, one can create a shelter that allows keeping on using the outdoor space protected against the rain.

·       Passive energy : Solisysteme reduce the need of energy (in particular need of air conditioning in adjacent rooms).
Rainwater can also be collected for any use.

·       Quality: The system has been designed and tested to resist to bad weather (rain, snow, wind…).
Materials are all of long-lasting quality and recyclable.

·       Adaptability: Custom-built and adaptable to any type of framework.

·       Simplicity : Louvers can be oriented without any effort, just by pushing a crank or with a remote control. It requires almost no maintenance. Tilt, the louvers are auto cleaning, their rotations allow the cleaning of each component.

·       Estheticism : Solisysteme associates protection and esthetic lines and allows people to enjoy a great outdoor space that opens up to the sky and to one's backyard.




     Adaptable to any type of architecture, Solisysteme has been installed throughout France and abroad for 10 years now:

·       Domestic or Business patio      

·       Patio covers

·       Pool areas

·       Green home

·       Cabin

·       Restaurants

·       Schools, day nurseries…

·       Dance halls

·       Exhibition rooms

·       Terrace for bungalow

·       Outdoor kitchens...




 ·       Designed, patented and fully manufactured in France, Solisystem is made out of extruded aluminum profiles and mechanical components.

·       Tube-shaped and reinforced louver profiles guarantee a high wind and snow resistance (carried out test: up to 161.2 miles per hour for a 3 meters wide module.)

·       With standard dimensions or custom-made dimensions, modules can be integrated to any existing structure (aluminum, wood, steel) or in a free standing and custom-built structure.

·       Machine finished and sectional goods are delivered with needed materials for an easy and quick assembly. No need of specific tool.

·       Modules are either motor-driven (IP65 and 24V motors) or driven by crank and winch, activated by a switch or a remote control. Rain sensor in option.

·       Stainless fastenings.

·       Minimum slope of 8mm/m (for a natural rainwater flow).

·       Thermo-lacquered aluminum components which guarantee the best resistance to bad weather and to UV rays.

·       Standard colors: RAL colors, 9010 (white) and 1015 (beige). Any other RAL colors are available but must be custom-ordered.

·       Qualicoat quality label (establishes minimum requirements which plant, installations, coating materials and finished products must meet.)

·       Qualimarine quality label (relates to the preparation of aluminum surfaces, before lacquering, for installations in sea edges.)

·       Wind resistance: 105.4 miles per hour guaranteed.

·       A 3 year warranty for mechanism and a 5 year warranty for aluminum.