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       Divide and create areas for maximum utilization of your space with partition systems that are built to last.
       Exist in classic or modern styles of highest quality standards and unbeatable functionality. These partitions are manufactured by using excellent quality aluminum, glasses and other raw material to ensure their durability. Further, these are designed in such a way that suit the decoration of any office.

Key Characteristics

Tailor Made flexibility and adaptability (sizes, shapes, dimensions, designs,..)
Easy installation and removing
Increased safety
Added privacy
Thermal insulation 
Fire Resistance
Light load
Precise dimensions
Designed for cable integration


Partition Systems 


- PARALUX: Full Height Partitions

        We bring in for our clients Full Height Partitions that find application in different corporate offices, living rooms and other places.

         Moreover, our range of partitions adds an elegant look to the beauty of a room apart from separating the space of a room. Available in various specifications, these partitions can be done as per the clients specific requirements.


Low Wall Partitions


         Choosing the Low Wall Partitions means finding the option that fits both the physical needs and the culture of an office.

          Some offices require private spaces with a bit of sound reduction for each employee. Others require a more open floor plan that allows employees to make eye contact and speak to each other across the partitions.

          The key features to consider when purchasing Low Wall Partitions are the height of the partitions, whether they muffle sound, and the material that is used to make them.